120 years Ritzenhoff

    Let's celebrate our passion together!

    For 120 years, we have been passionate about creating glasses for special moments. But our adventure is far from over - the most beautiful things last forever. We are grateful for our history and look forward to the future. But we don't want to celebrate this important anniversary alone - but together with our valued partners. Raise a glass with us to toast to positive cooperation and many more years of successful partnership.

    Milestones in history

    A look back: the most memorable moments of our trip

    We are proud to look back on a long history. For this reason, we would like to review the most formative moments - discover our milestones!

    120 years Ritzenhoff

    1800 – 1904

    The origins

    Once upon a time, a very long time ago, somewhere in the upper Aabach valley (North Rhine-Westphalia). There, far away from the hustle and bustle of the world, the Dutchman A.W. Kapmeier ran a small forest glassworks. A century passed before the glassworks moved to Marsberg in 1904 - the foundation stone for the creation of Ritzenhoff.

    120 years Ritzenhoff


    Entry of the Ritzenhoff family

    The year was 1935, the year in which Heinrich Ritzenhoff became Managing Director. As a glass wholesaler, Heinrich was not only a businessman, but also had a passion for special glasses. Together, father and son shaped the future of Ritzenhoff.

    120 years Ritzenhoff

    1936 - 1991

    Growth & transformation

    Years passed and with the Ritzenhoff family came the upswing. A finishing plant for lighting glass, a branch for brewery glassware and a fully automated glass production line for drinking glasses were established. In 1974, Grafik Ritzenhoff was founded - a print shop that produced decals for glass.

    120 years Ritzenhoff


    The idea of the century

    Ritzenhoff became one of the most important drinking glass manufacturers in Europe. What came next? The idea of the century in 1992: the milk glass. Milk was used by international artists as a canvas for decorations. The result: the breakthrough on the design market. It wasn't long before other types of glass were also being artistically decorated. To this day, our collections inspire design lovers all over the world.

    120 years Ritzenhoff




    Hatch × Ritzenhoff

    Hatch × Ritzenhoff

    120 years of Ritzenhoff: A work of art like no other! This artwork blends artful sophistication and playful creativity to showcase the highlights of our 120-year history. From the humble glassblower to the Ritzenhoff showroom, every detail hides a milestone in our unique journey. Immerse yourself in the world of Ritzenhoff and discover other motifs that have shaped our history!