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    Company history

    The heart of the family-owned Ritzenhoff AG still beats where its history began more than 100 years ago: At the company headquarters in Marsberg in the Sauerland region. Using wood from the dense forests of this area, the first glassworks melted quartz sand into glass as early as the 18th century. With roots in the traditional glassmaking craft, the company has developed over the years from a manufactory into one of the most renowned high-tech glassworks in Europe. Today, up to 65 tons of liquid raw glass are processed daily into 140,000 glasses on four parallel glass production lines.

    1904 Founding of the company

    1934 Entry by the Ritzenhoff family

    1965 Fully automatic production

    1975 Start Graphics department

    1992 Start Ritzenhoff Design brand

    2005 Maxwell & Williams

    2008 New logistic centre

    2019 Start digital decoration

    2021 Relaunch Ritzenhoff Design