Ritzenhoff – Passionate glassmakers since 1904

    In 2024, we will be celebrating our anniversary: for 120 years, we have been passionate about creating glasses for special moments. But our adventure is far from over - the best things last forever. We are grateful for our history and look forward to the future.

    With roots dating back to the 18th century, Ritzenhoff combines tradition with innovative strength and takes great pleasure in developing sophisticated glass solutions that inspire customers and consumers alike. Thanks to our experienced designers and innovative production techniques, we create extraordinary, unforgettable products that create unique moments and inspire people.

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    As a glass manufacturer ‘Made in Germany’, Ritzenhoff covers the entire production process from development to delivery. The first-class product quality, the distinct understanding of the market and high level of design competence is appreciated by our customers. We use the latest high-tech processes but also benefit from our roots in traditional craftsmanship and the art of glassmaking. Our glassblowers always produce the initial specimens and then in the finishing process, decorations are applied by hand to make a Ritzenhoff glass something very special.

    Made in Germany and short distances are the keys to success


    Staying close to the product and its production – that’s the secret of the flexibility and creativity with which Ritzenhoff delivers outstanding solutions that fulfil the most challenging requirements. Modern industry needs reliable partners who can deliver special solutions fast; a classic example being the beverage industry, where exclusive brand glasses help to maintain high sales levels to catering trade clients. A family-owned firm, Ritzenhoff`s recipe for success is a simple one: the company supplies glasses in every imaginable shape and style, and is also a single-source supplier for the entire range of services – from drafting a design to manufacturing the finished product, right down to warehousing, distribution and delivery logistics.


    Today, we produce up to 50 million glasses a year on four production lines at our company site in Sauerland, conveniently located in the center of Germany. A wide variety of techniques are used in the finishing process. In the futuristic showroom, Ritzenhoff presents the collections of Ritzenhoff Professional, the retail brand Ritzenhoff, and the products of Maxwell & Williams. Here, customers and business partners meet for sales talks, training sessions and meetings. From several storage areas with a capacity of over 43,000 pallet spaces, including a modern logistics centre, the products are sent all over the world.

    Where are we headed?

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    How do we reach our goal?

    Since 1904, we have stood for glass aesthetics "Made in Germany" that inspire people to express their individuality with style.

    Our vision

    Inspirations made of glass - Since 1904, Ritzenhoff has stood for leading glass aesthetics "Made in Germany", inspiring people and brands worldwide to express their individuality with style.

    Our mission

    • Ritzenhoff is the leading glass manufacturer with the highest competence in design and technology for extraordinary inspirations made of glass Made in Germany.
    • Ritzenhoff is a firmly established brand in the glass segment and represented in all relevant countries / regions as well as sales channels.
    • For our customers in the beverage and glass industry, Ritzenhoff is the full-service partner in the production, procurement and finishing of drinking glasses.
    • In our agile actions, we are customer-focused, taking into account our business management objectives.
    • The values of our Familien AG are our guideline in dealing with our employees, customers and suppliers; they determine our daily actions.