RITZENHOFF AG portfolio at a glance

Ritzenhoff Cristal

Ritzenhoff Cristal offers glass and decor solutions to the beverages industry, for example, breweries, spirits manufacturers and importers, natural mineral water companies as well as fruit juice, wine and sparkling wine manufacturers.

Ritzenhoff’s business model offers an unrivalled vertical product range that is unique to the industry.

The products and services on offer include consultation, glass design and decoration as well as the actual production of the glasses, not to mention its modern packaging and logistics solutions. Alongside a range of 100 unique shapes and designs to choose from, Ritzenhoff also creates exclusive, customised brands.

The Ritzenhoff brand

The RITZENHOFF brand is a strong specialist retail partner. New glasses with a great number of different decors are created every year in the company’s in-house design studio, which cooperates with more than 300 renowned international designers from across the globe. The entire Ritzenhoff product range can be purchased at leading specialist retailers and in RITZENHOFF’s online shop.

Industry partners appreciate and are inspired by Ritzenhoff’s eye for design and high quality crystal glass products.

Ritzenhoff Special

RITZENHOFF Special is dedicated to special promotional and B2B campaigns. The Ritzenhoff team is devoted to competently and reliably making individual customer wishes and products come true, which includes matching packaging and display solutions, all of which are “Made in Germany” and “Made by Ritzenhoff”. Ritzenhoff Special also develops and manufactures glass, porcelain and ceramic products as a full-service solution—whereby the Ritzenhoff logo stands for exceptional quality.

Ritzenhoff Outdoor

Ritzenhoff Outdoor is closely connected to Ritzenhoff Cristal, where high-quality plastic duplicates of original glass designs are produced for the beverages industry.

Plastic has replaced glass at many concerts, events and other public events and is making the returnable plastic beaker a great alternative. The beakers can be customized in both shape and design. Customers can order products starting at an order quantity of 5,000 pieces.

Maxwell & Williams

Maxwell & Willimas is a RITZENHOFF AG subsidiary and strong partner for porcelain tableware. Leading specialist retailers and upscale restaurant proprietors use Maxwell & Willimas products. Both the restaurant and hotel business appreciate the brand for its broad product range including a variety of cups, plates, bowls that come in varying quality grades making the portfolio so versatile and valuable to its customers.