Regardless of whether it was love at first sight or a marriage of convenience that has matured over the years – it is a very special relationship that connects us with the cup of choice. Alas, if it isn’t there when we need it, even worse if it is being used by somebody else! And what a tragedy when a little accident causes the beautiful partnership to go to pieces! It’s clear that your individual cup really has its own special character, one which hardly anyone can be indifferent to. What has happened to romance? How often do we become deeply attached to frivolous promotional gift mugs or retired canteen cups? Only one thing counts when it comes to choosing your own cup – the feeling that it’s the right one. Or better said, the one that suits you best. But because this can be so hard to find, RITZENHOFF has brought together personalities from all around the world that are still unattached and just waiting to be taken by the handle properly for once. Blonde, brunette or brightly coloured – there’s something for everyone. Isn’t that right, My Darling?

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