“Who or what is Hugo?”
… some people are sure to be asking, whilst others have already been lucky enough to meet Hugo in Germany’s restaurants and bars. Hugo is a delicious, refreshing cocktail that has taken Germany by storm. Hugo is served in round-bodied wine glasses and is a fresh, pearlescent alternative to the brightly-coloured Aperol Spritz, often enjoyed in summer. Quite where the popular aperitif gets its name from, nobody knows, but it is no secret why everybody loves Hugo: it is light and sweet, sparkling, refreshing and simply delicious – Hugo tastes like summer, sun, sea and sand. And incidentally – true aficionados say “Ugo”, as this is how the drink is pronounced in its native Italy. With a fine hint of mint and the fresh, fruity taste of elderflower syrup and lime, Hugo tickles the taste buds of many cocktail and prosecco lovers. It is no surprise that at summer parties everyone seems to be asking, “Is Hugo there?”

The new cult drink can be whipped up in an instant: cut a lime into wedges and place into a glass with some fresh mint leaves and ice cubes. Add a dash of elderflower syrup, pour over prosecco, stir and … enjoy!

However, the popular cocktail is only truly perfect if it is served in the right glass. After the fulminant success of the Aperizzo collection created for Aperol Spritz, RITZENHOFF has launched another cult glass series – Hugo R. The shape is identical to that of the Aperizzo, the full-bodied glass is simply ideal for summer cocktails. The decors have been designed to match the latter drink and, even when empty, the colour composition with vibrant green tones and/or berry reds whisks you away with the cocktail’s appetizing freshness. The white gold embellishment around the rim expressively complements the modern design.

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