At the start of a new year, everyone gets excited about the first signs of spring – the first shoots that burst forth from the earth, the first tulips at the flower market, the first beams of sunlight and the warmth they bring and then all of a sudden it’s Easter – family gatherings, delicious food, gleeful Easter egg hunts and then there’s Koko! Koko just can’t wait for Easter because this is the first year that he’s allowed to join in the party. But who is Koko? Well, actually Koko is a duo. One part egg cup and one part salt shaker. Put together and they make a comic creature known as Koko. And best of all, there’s a whole family of Kokos. A perfect gift at Easter, and of course for the rest of the year too, for whenever you want to enjoy your breakfast egg in a special way. Koko is sure to guarantee high spirits all around the breakfast table.

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