La Grappa (Italian grape)
This melodious word denotes a pomace brandy from Italy. It doesn’t just sound good – it tastes good too! Grappa – more than just a mouth-watering treat.
The fact is that grappa is not only a spirit made out of a particular raw material, but it is, as it were, the typical drink of an entire nation. The flavour of grappa should be smooth, strong and fruity. Only a true connoisseur can recognize the variety of grappa from the added flavours such as grasses, fruits, herbs, wax and spices.

The wide variety of types also dictates the different manners of consumption. Thanks to the diverse range of flavour nuances, a large number of different consumption possibilities have arisen – a wonderful digestif at the end of a good meal, or it can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a somewhat more hearty dinner. The glass from which it is enjoyed plays an equally important role! It is dainty, long-stemmed and tulip-shaped. It widens towards the rim so that the flavours can be fully appreciated. For glass manufacturers RITZENHOFF, this was no problem, after all, the glasses are produced in their own factory. And their contact with numerous international designers yielded an exceedingly accomplished selection of decor designs straight away. Plenty of brilliant designs to rouse the Italian in everyone!

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