What would a festive spread, romantic rendezvous or opulent breakfast be without that all-important little morsel of taste? It is well known that this can become a controversial topic and so connoisseurs are permitted to add their own seasoning, until their tongues are burning.

Always at your service …

… are the little helpers who patiently wait at the edge of your plate and are always on hand with a good pinch – untiring and sympathetic, unless of course, someone forgets to fill them up. They are the last vestiges of the fine ancient tradition of butlers and chefs, chambermaids and boys who never let us down and made our lives more comfortable – in the golden days when good honest work was affordable without tariff obligations and evening bonuses.

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are happy to remind us of their obliging colleagues, but they also show some character and exact a smile from us in their own endearing way. The most important thing is that we like to use them often since this is the only reward they get – they are less impressed by a tip.

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