Decorating techniques

NEW Digital printing

RITZENHOFF digital printing combines the latest UV color systems with high-tech printing technology – Made in Germany. This results in completely new, creative possibilities for decor design on glass. For more information please click here.

Direct printing

State of the art printing machines apply the decor directly to the glass. Direct printing with up to 8 different colours possible.

Decal / wet finishing

Decals for complex images or small batches are produced in our in-house print shop; not only for our own needs, but also for other manufacturers in the glass and porcelain industry.

Organic inks

Organic inks are primarily used in direct printing procedures. They offer a much wider colour spectrum than ceramic colours and have the undeniable advantage of being dishwasher proof. It is even possible to produce iridescent colours as a substitute for gold or platinum foil.

Metallic decor

Precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper increase the value of your brand logo.

Metallic edging

Glass rims embellished with gold, platinum and copper heighten the sophisticated appearance of the glass.

Relief printing

Relief printing gives brand logos a more three-dimensional touch. In most cases a relief print is limited on one colour. Depending on the decor additional colours may be possible.

Base decoration

Three different techniques can be used to decorate the base section: decal (multi-colour), pad printing (monochrome) or laser (monochrome).

Acid etching

Frosted glasses made using acid etching techniques with a matching brand logo can give the glass a more sophisticated character.

Organic coating

Glasses, stems or bases that have been sprayed with colour are guaranteed to give your brand both individuality and exclusivity.

Metallic coating

These coatings are impressive due to their strongly metallic effect. They are available in a variety of metallic looks.

Stemmed decoration

Semi-transparent colours can be applied to the stem of a glass to cast a stylish light on your brand.

Laser nucleation

Logo elements can be etched into the bottom of a glass with a laser, creating a nucleation point for bubbles to form, highlighting the sparkling effect of the drink.

Relief glasses

Brand logos inlaid into the glass can increase a brand’s unique appearance. This can either be moulded into the upper part of the glass or into its base.

Individual stems

Stems formed into unusual shapes increase the individuality of the glasses, thereby helping it to attract more attention.

Relief base

Brand logos inlaid into the base of the glass can increase a brand’s unique appearance.

Base plates

It is also possible to use an elaborate technical process to produce glass bases with a brilliant, seamless surface.