Water is the most important source of nourishment for human beings, it contains absolutely no calories and is rich in minerals. It helps our kidneys to function and can even help us to lose weight. Over the last few years, water has become a veritable “in” drink.
The triumph of non-alcoholic drinks can primarily be seen in the continuous expansion of the range of products surrounding non-alcoholic beers, mixed beer drinks, wines and sparkling wines, making it clear that the “non” sector is far from a deficit, but is instead perceived to be an asset for health, flavour and fitness – as long as it’s drunk from the right glass. You’re sure to find it with us!

Current Catalogues

Selection of RITZENHOFF glass shapes and decors for non-alcoholic drinks

Apollinaris Water Glass
Cassandra Water Glass
Cordoba Juice Glass
Elsass Water Glass
Fachinger Exclusive Water Glass
Fürst Bismarck
Gerolsteiner Water Glass
Gourmet Water Glass
Isis Water Glass
Lilly Water420 ml
Manon Tumbler225 ml | 285 ml | 350 ml | 365 ml
Melina Water Glass
Regia Water Glass
Römerquelle Water Glass200 ml
San Pellegrino Water Glass
Toledo Water Glass
Tulano Water Glass
Vivien Tumbler350 ml