In the truest sense of the word, liquor is the most “spirited” of drinks designed for human consumption. In layman’s terms, distillate is nothing less than the true essence, the concentrated form of the true nature of a substance or idea. Anyone who has already discovered their weakness for whisky, cognac, vodka or aquavit will know that the unimaginable diversity of spirits can release the most unbelievable of flavours – provided that they are drunk from the right glass. Whether you’re looking for a schnapps or shot glass, a round bodied snifter, a classic whisky tumbler or an elegant nosing glass is first and foremost dependent upon the drink in questions, but also on your own personal preferences. This is why we offer such a wide range of spirit glass shapes and varieties.

Current Catalogues

Selection of shapes and decors for RITZENHOFF spirit glasses

Alsina Goblet20 ml
Amelissa Goblet20 ml
Arcus Cognac120 ml
Bove Goblet20 ml | 40 ml
Durban Shot Glass20 ml | 40 ml | 50 ml
Gin Club550 ml | 620 ml | 700 ml
Gosch Aquavit20 ml
Gosch Wine Glass240 ml
Grappa Reserve20 ml | 40 ml
Grenoble150 ml
Grey Goose Cognac400 ml
Grey Goose Coupette240 ml
Grey Goose Longdrink450 ml
Grey Goose Martini130 ml
Grey Goose Mixing Carafe800 ml
Grey Goose Rocks360 ml
Hendricks Stemware Glass660 ml
Iso Tumbler130 ml
Jubilee Aquavit20 ml
Junior Shot Glass20 ml | 40 ml
Kiel Goblet20 ml
Malteser Goblet20 ml | 40 ml
Martini Asti Flute270 ml
Martini Rocks310 ml
Martini Royal630 ml
Mountain Spirit Goblet20 ml | 40 ml
NFA Goblet120 ml
Osborne Tumbler420 ml
Otard Goblet150 ml
Otard Tumbler250 ml
Otero Goblet150 ml
Quenza Shot Glass20 ml | 40 ml
Quint Stemware Glass300 ml | 400 ml
Russian Standard Wodka20 ml | 40 ml | 50 ml
Series Rocky130 ml | 150 ml | 180 ml | 200 ml
Simone420 ml
Single Malt Whisky150 ml
Strongbow Tumbler250 ml | 500 ml
Three-Sixty Tumbler300 ml
Tumbler Series Tina170 ml | 220 ml | 250 ml | 260 ml | 290 ml | 310 ml
Underberg Goblet20 ml
Urquell Mini20 ml | 40 ml
Veda Shot Glass20 ml | 40 ml
Whisky Tumbler Tina20 ml | 40 ml | 200 ml | 250 ml
Ziegler Goblet20 ml