Wine & Champagne

Grape juice is the world’s most honored elixir. This beverage plays a central role in many celebrations and religious, and social ceremonies around the world. Even today wine and champagne are to be found at most celebrations and special events. It’s no secret that the glass itself greatly impacts the taste. An entire bouquet of aromas can be lost or go unnoticed if the wrong glass is used.

The perfect wine glass is clear, thin-walled and has a long stem. The wine should have the right temperature and the glass filled just right, but never full, allowing the aromas to develop above the surface of the wine. The shape of the glass modulates the flow of wine to the palate. So the stimulation of specific parts of the tongue can be aligned with the grape variety in the glass for a perfect taste experience. At RITZENHOFF we ensure that you have the best glass to enjoy the full sensory experience of wine — whether white, red or sparkling. Our glasses put enjoyment first, and are a decorative addition to any table setting.

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